Together with you, we will revolutionize the way you deal with period pain

With our ONEflow TENS device, we are setting new standards in the treatment of period pain and endometriosis - opening up completely new doors for you! But who are we actually? Find out more about the story and founders of menstruflow.

Our story

Polina, one of the founders, was lying on the couch with enormous period pain, as she does every month - and this time she caught it on vacation of all days. All plans for the day had to be canceled because the cramps were so extreme. What was even stronger was the frustration!

That was the moment when Polina and her partner had the same thought: Are there really no other methods of pain relief other than the pill or painkillers? Good question!

After much research, they came across of TENS devices in physiotherapy, especially for muscle pain. “Can’t you also use these for period pain?” They asked Dr. med. Ulrike Lange this question.

A few phone calls, brainstorming sessions and books later, menstruflow was born - a company that wants to promote female health. The first solution was to develop a device that uses TENS technology. The small green ONEflow was specially developed for women and other menstruating people who suffer from pain and cramps during their periods or due to endometriosis. Polina doesn't want to miss it anymore!

our mission – a period without restrictions

We have made it our mission to enable all women and other menstruators worldwide to have a 100% quality of life despite periods and endometriosis. With ONEFflow we are setting the first milestone and offering a natural and effective solution for pain relief.


Get to know the team behind menstruflow


Polina Sergeeva


Marvin Mischler

Creative Designer

Aiya Adams

Medical Advisor

Dr. med. Ulrike Lange

Our values

We want to improve the quality of life of every woman and today we're starting.


Among us founders, there are three women in the team who have/had to deal with period pain themselves. Therefore, we understand the needs and challenges of our customers first hand.


With Dr. med. Ulrike Lange (gyn.) in our founding team not only brings personal experience but also medical expertise to our company. This makes our solutions for menstrual pain and endometriosis effective and scientifically based.


Our ONEflow TENS device as a remedy for period pain is designed to be simple and user-friendly, so that women and other menstruating people can easily integrate its use into their everyday lives without having to restrict themselves during their period.


With our #Flowers community, we promote mutual support and an exchange of experiences for a period without painkillers, while we are socially committed to improving the quality of life of every menstruating person.

Our vision

In our imagination, we live in a world in which women and other menstruating people can continue their everyday lives without restrictions during their period or if they have endometriosis. But above all, pain-free!

With ONEflow we want to give you a new attitude to life - your first (and not last) period, which you can enjoy without any painkillers.‍

We want you to concentrate 100% on yourself. Everything that brings you joy. We want you to devote yourself completely to shaping your life, pursuing your goals and developing your potential.‍

Say STOP to period pain! Choose now with ONEflow for your period without restrictions and without painkillers.

A word from Dr. med. Ulrike Lange

Every menstruating person experiences period pain - but most people don't know how to treat it other than with painkillers or hormones. In January 2022 I was asked to contribute my professional opinion as a gynecologist to the development of a TENS device for period pain. Although I was familiar with TENS technology from other medical areas, its use for period pain was also new to me.

As our environmental and body awareness increases, we are all looking for more natural approaches and methods - and in doing so we often stumble across contradictory and, above all, incorrect information on the internet. But especially in times when young women and other menstruating people are increasingly turning back to natural body states and questioning traditional approaches, it is more important than ever to offer reliable and scientifically based information. At menstruflow, I would like to use my articles to provide understandable information, promote exchange and spread a side-effect-free method for combating pain.

Social Media

Here our #Menstruflower share mutual experiences, tips and much more so that we can all enjoy 100% energy even during our period and continue to live our everyday lives normally can. Become part of it now!