DO NOT use ONEflow in the following cases

What is ONEflow?

Can I also use my ONEflow during pregnancy?

Are there any side effects when using ONEflow?

Does ONEflow also help with endometriosis pain?

Will other people next to me hear it when I have ONEflow turned on?

I have an inserted IUD. Can I use ONEflow with it?

Is it safe to use ONEflow?

Is ONEflow an effective remedy for menstrual cramps?

Is ONEflow suitable for every woman and menstruator?

Is ONEflow waterproof (e.g. when showering)?

Is ONEflow rechargeable or does it require batteries?

Can it stop the pain completely?

Can I carry the ONEflow on the go?

Can I leave my ONEflow on when I sleep?

Can I also use ONEflow for other complaints?

Can I wear ONEflow while exercising?

Can I use ONEflow throughout my period?

Can ONEflow be used while charging?

Do the pads fit every body?

What is special about ONEflow compared to other TENS devices?

What happens if ONEflow doesn't work for me?

How does TENS therapy feel?

How does ONEflow help against period pain?

How long can I use ONEflow per day?

How long does it take until I feel relief from my period pain with ONEflow?

How often should I change ONEflow pads?

How is ONEflow used?

Will your ONEflow TENS device be covered by your health insurance?

Where can I buy ONEflow?

What are the different modes and intensity levels for?

How often can I use the pads (Flow Pad & Drop Pads)?


Shipping & Payment

I did not receive a confirmation after placing my order. What should I do?

Can I change my order?

Can I track my order?

My order hasn't arrived. What can I do?

Do you also ship outside of Germany?

What payment methods do you offer?

How much are the shipping costs?

What is the status of my order?

How long does it take for my order to arrive?


Refund & Guarantee

The ONEflow doesn't work for me. How can I take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee?

I don't like one of the products, what can I do?

Do I have a guarantee on my ONEflow?

I received an incorrect product. What can I do?

Who covers the return shipping costs?



What do the different colors of the indicator light mean?

What happens if I have misplaced the foil for my pads?

What should I consider before using my ONEflow?

How do I use my ONEflow?

What is the best way to store my ONEflow?

What is the best way to store my pads?

How do I attach the device to the pads?

How do I switch between the 6 modes?

Where is the best place to attach the pads?



What is the ONEflow subscription model and why is it helpful for regular period pain?

How can I customize my subscription for the ONEflow TENS device?

How often do I receive replacement pads for my ONEflow TENS device for period pain through the subscription model?



Do you offer information material to display in the shop / for our employees to use the ONEflow?

I have another idea for collaboration that is not listed here. Are you open to new suggestions?

Can we test the product in advance?

What collaborations are you looking for?

What would collaboration with content creators, podcasts or magazines look like?

We are developing/expanding our employee benefits and are considering adding ONEflow. Who do we contact about this?

We are a pharmacy or retailer and would like to add ONEflow to our product range. Is this possible?

We are a brand in the FemHealth / FemTech sector and would like to work with you. What would that look like?